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High dynamic range, accuracy, fast response time and long capture length in the same box!!!

How does the ZS2102A achieve these?

How can the price be so reasonable for this performance?

ZSCircuits is a new company. Can we buy safely online?

All these queries are answered in this short note below.

The current is fed through a precision 0.1 Ohm resistor which generates a proportional voltage using 4-Kelvin connections. This voltage signal is then amplified through multiple gain stages. One stage extracts the high frequency performance, the other focuses on accuracy and dynamic range, while some other circuits are used for drift correction. All these measurements are digitized using precision ADCs and the data is streamed real time to the PC over the USB link. The information is then processed using some DSP algorithms to re-construct the current waveform accurately. Since the PC has very good number crunching power, offloading this blending of data on the PC is the most cost effective and elegant solution. The data is then compressed using our proprietary and state of the art data compression algorithm for which a patent is pending. This compression method achieves excellent signal fidelity while maintaining accurate average and peak information which is critical for battery life estimation. A compression ratio of 50:1 to 100:1 is achieved for most IOT device current profiles. Using the large hard discs on the PC, very long profiles extending several hours can be easily recorded. Since the ZS2102A does not have any memory or processing, the cost can be made affordable. Competing solutions from larger companies are at least 10X to 50X the price as it has much more complex implementation.

ZSCircuits is just a 1 year old startup and this is our first product. But the product has sold in large volumes within few months of launch due to its excellent specification, features and low cost. Several companies around the world are using it to debug their IOT designs at a reasonable cost. Buying the product online is completely safe as it is backed by PayPal buyer protection and our guarantee. In case the product received does not meet the spec or your expectation, you may return the product to us for a full refund minus shipping charges. You may also get the refund directly from PayPal by logging on to your PayPal account. We are a trusted PayPal seller with a verified business address located in Bangalore. 

There is also a teardown on hackaday for the ZS2102A

The product is appreciated as "From the hardware perspective this devices looks well designed with little discomforts". It has survived hackaday without being bashed!!! 

ZSCircuits is a private limited company which is registered in Bangalore with the Company Identification Number (CIN) U72200KA2018PTC116812 and the same can be verified by searching for "ZSCircuits" in the below link.

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