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Newly launched product ZS-2102-A

IOT Power profiler

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GUI Features & Release plan

The GUI is provided free as part of the kit and all future updates will remain free. We continue to add features to the GUI to provide more value to our customers. All feedback and comments on our forums go on to improve the GUI and hence the customer gets the best features for the money. We have a release plan but flexible to add new features and enhancements based on our customer's suggestions.

Ver 1.x

Released : April 14, 2019

Battery life Estimation (Basic)


  • Dial & Chart

  • Scroll and Zoom

  • Dual Window Display

  • Digital data sync (8 bits)

Waveform Analysis

  • Pulse Width

  • Pulse average

  • Rise Time

  • Spot Current Measurement

File Operations

  • Export to BIN, XML

  • Import Binary



Ver 2.x

Released : 2nd July 2019

- Battery modelling & Profiling

  (Use battery models with load profile to estimate battery life)

- Data export to Sigrok format.

- Trigger on Current waveform.

- Trigger on Digital Signal edge.

- Voltage, Power & Energy logging.

- Pulse & Spike detection

- Overlay traces for comparison

- Data decimation to reduce sampling rate.

- On the fly data compression and analysis to save disk space.

- Features discussed on forums with maximum likes and received by email feedback subject to approval.


Ver 3.x

Plan : Jan 2020

- Multiple profilers support on one PC.

- Scripting and Automation with API.


- Features discussed on forums with maximum likes and received by email feedback subject to approval.

Note : Linux and Mac support is deferred to May 2020


Ver 2.2.1: Release Notes

1. Enabled user to select the data compression strength.

2. Updated tooltip readout to include absolute time on the middle chart.

3. Fixed an issue with the sigrok export feature where the digital and current waveform would be out of sync by few ms.

4. Fixed an issue with the estimation start and stop time markers. The markers were not updated on the screen with every change.

5. Disabled the zoom on the digital chart independently which made the waveforms to appear sliding in time.

6. Added shorter buffer lengths of 32, 64 to enable shorter collection time. Now the user can collect only 13 seconds of data at minimum.

7. Re-arranged the tabs to club the estimation, sessions and battery in one page. Logging and Export feature on another page.

8. Added auto loading of session after capture completes.

9 Improved calibration accuracy and drift performance for long runs (> 1 hour)

Ver 2.2.4 : Release Notes

1. Changed the fonts for real time current & voltage displays.

2. Removed PLAY button as it was redundant.

3. Digital trigger search is now more refined.

4. Improved stability in long runs and with higher load on the PC processor.

5. Changed the behaviour of LINK LED on the front panel. The LED now blinks, once every 2 seconds to indicate an active link.

6. Added average energy indication, in the estimation section also. It was only shown in the logs before.