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Archive releases

Ver 2.1 Download

Release Notes

1. Enables viewing of data while capture.

2. Add time offset to secondary data.

3. GUI re-structure for better visibility. Now Acquisition and profiling are separate windows.

4. Improved stability in long runs.

5. Reduced CPU loading and memory requirements

6. Build 2.1.4 improves stability on slower PCs and added log file.

7. Build 2.1.5 has option to disable compression and has been optimized to run on slow machines. (Tested on a laptop with Core i3, 7020U with 4GB RAM + 500 GB HDD)

8. Build 2.1.8 fixes a critical bug found in 2.1.4 and 2.1.5 which caused intermediate crash on exiting the application.

Ver 2.3.0 Download


Ver 2.2.5 : Release Notes

1. Changed the fonts for real time current & voltage displays.

2. Removed PLAY button as it was redundant.

3. Digital trigger search is now more refined.

4. Improved stability in long runs and with lower load on the PC processor.

5. Changed the behaviour of LINK LED on the front panel. The LED now blinks, once every 2 seconds to indicate an active link.

6. Added average energy indication, in the estimation section also. It was only shown in the logs before.

7. Added zooming for digital chart in sync with the current waveform, by using the mouse scroll wheel.

Ver 2.0 Download

Release Notes

1. Enabled data compression on the fly to save disk space. The compression ratio of about 100x is possible with typical IOT current profiles. Log 1 day of data in 10GB file.

2. Tested for long term stability of more than 24 hours.

3. Fail-safe data logging which keeps the data even if the PC crashes or shuts down.

4. Trigger on Digital input. Search for current edge trigger.

5. Added sessions manager to keep files separate and easy to load.

6. Plot two profiles simultaneously in sync with Digital Signal.

7. Real battery models and load modelling.

8. Quick battery life estimation. Now analyze a 1 hour profile in less than 10 seconds.

9. Improved stability and ease of use.

10. Install location defaults to C:\Program Files and the app data is stored in C:\users\

Sub Release 1.4.4

Note : The binaries are signed with a Code Signing certificate assigned to ZSCircuits. However Windows Defender may show a warning about un-known file. This is due to the file being not used widely now. Once the user base grows, Microsoft registers this as a trusted file.

Release Notes

1. Added warning for low disk space. At disk space below 10GB, the capture will stop automatically.

2. Added update status on saving .zs files.

3. Fixed misc UI bugs.

4. Increased the Write Buffer Size to have more wait times between writes to the hard disk.

5. In MEM mode, the data capture will stop if the free RAM is below 2GB.

Sub Release 1.4.2 Download

Release Notes

1. Removed logging of current into the Log Window.

2. Improved buffer size to further improve long term capture stability

3. Added progress chart for Save to .ZS format.

4. Aligned the voltage and current display.

5. Slowed down the chart update to improve some stability.

6. Updated saving as .zs file to happen in the background. Starting the capture is possible during save.

Sub Release 1.4.1 Download

Release Notes

1. Added battery models for real world battery. Can be edited in BattModel.xml file.

2. The End Time in the estimation now auto updates to the end of the capture time.

3. Fixed some problems with stability in long run reported

4. Added back the WRITE MODE option to select MEM, BUF or HDD which was removed from 1.3.x

5. Changed calibration prompt text to be more clear of the Battery connection.

Sub Release 1.3.0 Download

Release Notes

1. Fixed issue with total energy computation in top chart

2. Added option to mute the beeps.

3. Re-organized the GUI to reduce clutter.

4. Added Zoom In when top chart is selected for time interval < 1sec

5. Added average current and energy computation when top chart is selected for > 1sec

Release Notes

1. Added voltage chart in sync with current chart
2. Misc bug fixed in long data logging. Now tested for 1 hour continuous data log.
3. Added data export to Sigrok format. Only current and Digital data supported now. Voltage will be soon added.
4. Misc cosmetic edits

Sub Release 1.2.x Download

Release Notes

1. Fixed some misc time truncation for start and stop times.

2. Added  fast estimation for profile analysis. Now a 1 minute profile can be analyzed in 5 sec.

3. Added support to export to compressed binary format (.zs)

4. Removed .bin import and export as .zs format replaces that.

5. Added warm-up time in calibration and improved calibration accuracy.

6. Improved stability in long captures.

Sub release 1.10 Download

The voltage logging and charting feature is working now and using this we can plot the energy and power consumption. This can also be used to model a real battery using the actual load current.